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The Final Concerts of International Festival of University Choirs
AP0295-99 , DDD - TT: 338'17" - 5CD
Copyright (C)2011
World Premiere Recording

  1. Zbigniew Kozub - Litania ad Spiritum Sanctum for soprano solo, narrator, mixed choir, organ and orchestra
  2. Wojciech Kilar - Angelus for solo soprano, mixed choir and symphony orchestra
  3. Zbigniew Kozub - Beati Estis for solo soprano, mixed choir and grand symphony orchestra
  4. Marek Jasiński - Ad iuventatem for solo soprano, mixed choir and grand symphony orchestra
  5. Krzesimir Dębski - Symphony Nihil homine mirabilius for choir and orchestra
  6. Paweł Łukaszewski - II Symphony Festinemus amare homines per due soprani, due cori misti, due pianoforti ed orchestra
  7. Krzesimir Dębski - II Symphony Ver redit (Return of spring) for grand symphony orchestra, choirs and soloists
  8. Marek Jasiński - Raptus Europae - five symphonic pictures for soprano, choir and orchestra
  9. Romuald Twardowski - Exegi Monumentum for soprano, bass, mixed choir and orchestra
  10. Miłosz Bembinow - Amor vincit for mezzosoprano, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra

booklet: Ewa Jarma­kowska-Kolanus (Polish, English)